Finished Illustration

We grant our clients unrestricted use of the final .jpg image upon payment-in-full. However, United Renderworks does retain the copyright. If you receive original files from United Renderworks, the components, materials, 3D models, and other reusable parts therein are the exclusive property of United Renderworks. They may only be used in connection with the paid project for which they were provided.
The majority of our finished projects are sent as a high resolution jpg via email. We try and send a copy to all email recipients that have been involved in the process. Larger projects may be sent in multiple emails. Occasionally, when required, we provide a download link for very large documents or project sets. If the final Sketchup model has been requested, that is usually provided though a download link because of the size of the file. These links are only temporary, so please make sure to download the files.
Answer is not available at this time. Please contact us at 1-888-650-0650.
Unless otherwise requested our images are 4800x2400 pixels (11.5 mega pixels) in a 2:1 horizontal format (twice as wide as tall). Sometimes we adjust this ratio to better suit the building and composition of the rendering. A high-rise, for example, will be provided as a vertical (portrait) image, or a square floor plan may have a 1:1 ratio.

This resolution is sufficient for a 300 dpi print image up to 11 x 17, a 150 dpi image for most presentation boards, and a 72 dpi vinyl print for construction signs. If you need a higher resolution, please let us know in advance. Additional fees may apply.


Answer is not available at this time. Please contact us at 1-888-650-0650.
Answer is not available at this time. Please contact us at 1-888-650-0650.

Our Process

We like to start with desired view angle, elevations, floor plan, site plan, and materials. CAD files are prefered, but we can work from sketches and rasterized drawings including .jpg’s, .pdf’s, etc. If you are providing us with a rasterized image, it must contain dimesions that are clear enough for our modelers to read. Note that working from raster images may require additional time.

Materials can be detailed on the elevations, with material boards, as a list of products and where to find them on the web, and/or a series of example images sent to us via email. If materials have not been determined, an image of another project that has similar materials and colors is usually sufficient.

Some other necesary items; a roof plan for projects with complicated slopes and angles, landscape plans if it needs to be specific, the desired style (watercolor or photo-realistic), specific requirements for entourage such as people, cars, etc., site address or link to google maps, project name, and the suggested view angles you would like to see.
Some of our architects use our services throughout the design process. One of our residential architects, starts by sending us phone photos of a floor plan adjacency diagram with general room dimensions that he has sketched on graph paper. We mass up blocks and send him black and white line drawings from all sides. He then sketches over the line drawings using trace, indicating his desired roof forms and window placements and sends us another photo from his phone. We do this back-and-forth process several times until we have fully-designed, photo-real images of his client's progect. We then provide him with the Sketchup model that his in-house team uses to finish out their construction documents. This process can range from a week to a month depending on his meeting schedule with clients.

Other architects start by sending us 3D computer massing models and we do a similar back-and-forth process until we have a fully finished illustration/design. We charge hourly for this back-and-forth design process. The first architect (with the hand-sketches) spends between $1200 to $1600 for this service. Providing us with a digital 3D model tends to take a little less time.
Most of our architects opt for our three-day service. With this service, we typically receive drawings (3D Cad, Sketchup, 2D Dwg's, PDF's, Hand Drawings, etc..) and send a quote via email. Once the price and scope is agreed upon and we receive the go-ahead, we start the modeling process. Within the next few business days we will send a low resolution lighting study proof for your review. After you review and mark-up the drawings, we make corrections, and send another lighting study proof. The lighting studies accurately show reflections, materials, and shadows from trees, etc. If you have opted for a dusk or night scene, the lighting study would also have the correct lighting in place.

Once we receive your mark-ups from the second revision cycle we can proceed to the final full-resolution watercolor-style or photo-real image. Some of our clients opt to have an additional revision cycles if there are significant changes. Additional revision cycles are $69.60 each and new design changes or project scope changes are charged at $69.60 per hour.

Many of our architects like to use our lighting studies when meeting with their clients. This gives the clients a chance to see the project and make changes before the final images are produced. Obviously this comment and markup cycle can extend the project timeline significantly. However, we will always try to have the next round of mark-ups ready in about 24 hours.



You can expect to recieve proofs once we have completed the initial model and before we go into the final rendering. Sometimes we will make needed changes and then send you another proof. After proofs are sent we wait for your OK before we proceed with the final rendering.
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The initial price includes two revision cycles, if there is anything asked for that was missed or misinterpreted. Design or scope changes are charged extra. After the final rendering is sent, each subsequent rendering with new changes are charged extra. Please refer to pricing for a complete list.

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